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Brandie Carlton:

Brandie Carlton, MSW, LCSW is a licensed psychotherapist and owner of Positive Growth.  Brandie received an undergraduate degree in Psychology and a Master's Degree in Social work from Virginia Commonwealth University.  As a psychotherapist, Brandie has experience working with a wide range of clients including adults, couples, adolescents, and children.  Brandie currently focuses on adolescents and young adults who are experiencing depression, anxiety, and/or low self-esteem.  

Brandie has experiencing working with clients while using the therapeutic modalities of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Positive Psychology, Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS), and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).  As an LCSW, social justice is an important aspect of Brandie's clinical work and she is open to working with folx who identify as LGBTQ+.  

Laura Jones:

Laura Jones, LCSW received her Bachelors in Social Work with Radford University and Masters in Clinical Social Work from George Mason University.  As a clinician, Laura values social justice and inclusivity. Laura has experience working with diverse populations to support people increasing their resiliency and growth during difficult situations. Laura currently works with young adults, adolescents, and children who are experiencing post-traumatic stress, depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem. Laura uses a combination of therapeutic modalities such as, Trauma-focused therapy, mindfulness, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, expressive therapy, and positive psychology interventions to provide a collaborative, creative, and relaxed person-centered approach.

Katie Rosenthal

Katie Rosenthal believes in creating a calm, approachable, and non-judgmental space for clients to openly share their thoughts and emotions. Katie works from a holistic and strength based perspective of client's needs through empathy, acceptance and support. By exploring and processing inner thoughts and feelings, clients can gain a better understanding of their situation and ultimately move towards positive change. Katie offers insight into clients patterns of behavior and helps to identify and build new or existing skills with the purpose of uncovering clients true potential. 

In her work with adolescents and adults, Katie specializes in treating Anxiety, Depression, Self-esteem, and identify issues. Katie uses a Client-Centered Approach with a focus on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Together with Katie you will work on reducing any negative symptoms you may be experiencing, implementing positive coping skills, and building upon your preexisting strengths to allow for personal growth and development. 

Katie feels that everyone experiences difficulties at times and see the decision to begin therapy as a powerful first step that often leads to personal growth and positive life change. 

Mica Claiborne

Ms. Mica Claiborne, MSW Supervisee in Social Work, is a Clinical Social Worker who has four years of experience working with diverse populations in the mental health field. Ms. Claiborne obtained her Bachelor's degree in Social Work from Virginia State University and Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work from Norfolk State University. Mica specialties include grief, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, post-traumatic stress disorder, and psychosis. Ms. Claiborne’s primary goal is to ensure clients are able to develop healthy patterns of behaviors that can allow them to build relationships and resilience. Ms. Claiborne incorporates a variety of therapeutic approaches to include Family Systems, Person-Centered Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and Solution Focused Therapy.

Tracey Cain

If you are seeking a safe space to express and experience feelings of being overwhelmed, defeated, neglected, or scared in the ongoing challenges of being depressed, experiencing sadness, feeling anxious, I can help. Through therapy I hope to understand your life experiences and psychological needs. We will examine your childhood experiences and every moment of your life that has meaning. Together, we will sort out challenges that come along the way, gain a better understanding through insight, and empower you to live an authentic and fulfilling life. I believe that we learn and grow in the company of a support system. 

Courtney Lotto

Courtney is a supervisee in social work and has been in the field for over 8 years with experience in community settings, work with athletes, school social work, and individualized therapeutic services with clients of all ages. Courtney works with clients who have tendencies for perfection, performance anxiety, overthinking, being overwhelmed with thoughts, thoughts that bother them, loss of identify, blaming self, obsessing over thoughts or order, control issues, relationship issues, and wanting to be an old / different version of themselves. Courtney's therapy consists of a mixture of Rogerian theory person-centered approaches, acceptance and commitment therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, and play therapy to the best meet individuals at their current level of functioning. 

Mike McLane

Mike is our office manager dedicated to ensuring you have an exceptional experience throughout.

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