Everyone experiences anxiety once in awhile as some anxiety is necessary.  However, anxiety can become difficult to manage if get turned on too high.  Feeling constant tension and worry makes each day trying and can cause lasting effects.  It can fell like you are walking on tip toes or through a minefield when you're plagued by anxiety or panic attacks, because you don't know when it might occur.  When anxiety becomes more constant, and interferes with your daily life, it is considered an anxiety disorder.  However, it doesn't have to be permanent.  

Symptoms of Anxiety:

  1. Worry much of the time
  2. Muscle tension
  3. Restlessness, feeling keyed up
  4. Easily fatigued
  5. Mind going blank
  6. Difficulty concentrating
  7. Irritability
  8. Fear of losing control
  9. Intrusive thoughts
  10. "What if's"
  11. Fear of the worst happening

Causes of Anxiety:

  1. Genetics
  2. Growing up with anxious parents
  3. Being criticized consistently
  4. Experiencing physical, sexual, and/or emotional abuse
  5. Poor attachment relationships with parents or caregivers
  6. Traumatic experiences
  7. Thinking styles: perfectionism and black-and-white thinking
  8. Trying to avoid feeling stress

What may be discussed in session to address anxiety

  1. Rewiring your brain: We will explore how your brain and body work to understand anxiety and gain mastery over it.  This includes creating new habits, challenging thoughts, and using self-talk to reduce anxiety.
  2. Changing your diet to help your brain work at it's maximum capacity.
  3. Makes changes to your body, such as exercising, sleeping, and deep breathing.
  4. How to create a self of calmness, which everyone has the ability to learn how to create.
  5. Facing your fears!

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