Therapeutic Modalities

Below are the therapeutic modalities used by the clinicians associated with Positive Growth.  These are evidenced-based treatment theories used to assist client with identifying, developing, and reaching mental health goals.  Your clinician is trained in several different approaches and will help you to understand them and how they will be used during your sessions.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy:  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is one of the most common used methods of treatment in the behavioral health field.  This modality is proven to be effective with clients who experience a wide range of diagnosis, to include depression, anxiety, mood disorder, substance abuse, self-esteem, severe mental illnesses, and others.   CBT is used by accurately understanding our thoughts in order to purposefully change our reactions and behaviors. Our internal thoughts are viewed as mechanisms for change.  

Core Principles:  

  • Faulty, unhelpful, and unhealthy ways of thinking lead to psychological problems.
  • Psychological problems are based, to some extent, on learned patterns of unhelpful behavior and actions.
  • Specific ways of coping can be identified in order to lead a more effective and healthy life.  
  • With a deeper understanding of personal cognition and its relationship to behavior, people can change their lives through changing the way they think.
  • Increasing mindfulness of conscious thoughts and interrupting automatic negative thoughts can lead people into a healthier outlook.

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